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Inevitable Outcomes have generated several partnerships with colleagues, partners, peers, and local undergraduate students; exchanging free services and guidance for outright ownership and authority of their Linkedin accounts. Today, our internal list consists of over 50 trusted, active, and well-connected profiles. Still, looking to test your own outreach strategies on your personal account? We get it! Instead, our team will rebrand and optimize 1-2 of our internal accounts as an Executive Employee of your company – allowing you to avoid subscription costs and test your own prospecting strategy!


Lead generation encompasses all activities relating to the identification and cultivation of potential customers. Companies use a variety of sales and marketing tactics to generate leads, however, it is imperative to have a streamlined, consistent, targeted process in place. Streamlining your lead generation efforts online will help your business grow exponentially. Whether you’re an enterprise, mid-sized business, or a startup, our years of experience in innovative lead generation will help your business achieve your growth objectives at an accelerated rate!

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The unique thing about our lead generation service is that all of our campaign management is done 100% by hand. Most lead generation companies in the market will automate your LinkedIn accounts to get leads. We believe that manual outreach is safer than automated outreach. Not to mention that it is more likely to be effective and on-brand.
For Less than a part time employee, we get the result of more than one full time employee
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The proof is in the pudding! We work with every client to conduct a successful direct response campaign. At Inevitable Outcomes, we believe that every client has the potential to drive a large number of leads through our process.
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